Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Our final guest speaker

Our final guest speaker of the semester, Kimberly Atkins, will join us this Wednesday for the last part of our class. Atkins, a lawyer, is a staff reporter and blogger for Lawyers USA in Washington. Before that, she covered politics and wrote a political blog for the Boston Herald. For my money, her blogging on the governor's race in 2006 was more interesting than what appeared in the print edition of the Herald because of its immediacy and Atkins' conversational tone.

Please have a look at Atkins' blog, DC Dicta, and read through her posts for the last week or so. How does blogging help a journalist to be a better reporter? To what extend is a reporter's blogging becoming as important a part of his or her job as fully reported stories? Have social-networking tools such as LinkedIn helped her do her job?

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